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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

On Vickie Johnson Night (video), no one wanted to go home. So they played a couple of overtimes.

VJ started out strong (a season high 19pts on 8-11 shooting) and free throws - missed and made - sealed the deal as Becky (and her 29pts) guided San Antonio to a 84-82 over the Lynx.
"Well, we apparently we like to make it interesting,'' Hammon said of the Silver Stars' second straight overtime game. "We fought, and clawed back, and again it took overtime, but we'll take 'Ws.' Doesn't matter how many minutes it takes, just as long as you walk away with the win.''
By the way, congrats to Dan Hughes on his appointment to USA Basketball's selection committee.

Some VJ notes:
The WNBA's all-time leader in games and minutes played, Johnson has quietly put together an unparalleled resume with points, rebounds and assists totals well into the thousands, and she easily eclipsed the 4,000 point mark last season. On June 13, 2008, she played her 11,000th career WNBA minute. When told of the milestone, Johnson replied, "No wonder my legs are so tired.
Oh, and as a long-time Lib fan, I have a bit of an issue with this quote from the SASS site article:
"The strength Johnson exudes went largely unnoticed by the general public during her New York days, falling in the shadow of a big city and a team with larger than life personalities."
Sure, you had the mercurial T-Spoon, the fiery Sophia, the rock solid Kym, the reluctant star Rebecca, but don't tell me we didn't notice or appreciate our (say this fast like the announcer used to do) "Vickie Johnson!"
WB: Considering the word “under appreciated” has often followed your name, what did being voted onto the All-Star team mean to you?

VJ: It gave me a different outlook on everything. The first year I was chosen by the coaches – Rebecca [Lobo] was hurt and I replaced her on the team. But this year was special because the fans chose me. It made me realize they really appreciated my game. I don’t go out there and score twenty a game. What I do I get is from hard work, second shots or transition. Very seldom do I get a screen set for me, or a play called to me. I just work hard and give it a 110%. For our fans in New York — and throughout the league – to understand my game touched me a great deal.
We knew who she was and how she was, and loved her for it. Liberty-West (Hammon, Wauters, Lawson-Wade, Nygaard) inherited her from us, and I'm glad you appreciate her. But for many, VJ will always wear the Liberty black, white and "foam green."

Have a wonderful, wonderful rest of your life, VJ. You earned it.