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Saturday, September 12, 2009

There was a lot riding on the Connecticut/Atlanta game. The Sun were hoping to get things back on track, the Dream were hoping to make a little history. As the Pleasant Dreams blog noted:
Why: You might be a part of Atlanta Dream history if you're in Philips Arena tonight: what other reason do you need than "win, and we're in"? If Atlanta beats Connecticut tonight, they clinch not only a playoff spot after just two years of existence as a WNBA franchise, but home field advantage in the first round. It is still possible for the Shock to finish in second, but Atlanta would have to lose both games - therefore, "win, and we're in".
Lose, and Connecticut was out of the playoffs.

Well, the Dream took care of any jitters they -- or their fans - might have had right quick.

The results (the Dream by 24) reminds me of a game I lead called Kabish, Kaboo. It's sorta like a moving rock, paper scissors. Two lines choose one of three options: Giants, Wizards or little gnomes. and come at each other chanting, "Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. Kabish, kaboo, kabish, kaboo!" then they physicalize their choice.

The Dream chose Giants. Guess who the Sun were? Smooshed the little gnomes. Made for 8

This one was pretty much over in the first quarter when Atlanta outscored Connecticut 30-16 (No 'Claw, no Jones). Then it was really over in the 3rd when they outscored the Sun 26-12. They barely bothered playing the 4th,.

Well, Snow played enough to get herself t'd up in the fourth. I'm guessing she didn't want Gruda (who'd gotten herself T'd up in the 2nd.) to feel lonely.

So, cutting to the chase:
We did it!! The Dream won 88-64 in Atlanta and they have clinched second place and home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs!!

Did you hear that?



I'm very tired, but very happy. But I don't want to be happy with just getting a ticket! Let's ride this train all the way to the freakin' FINALS!!!