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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Coming soon from Harper, "The Mystery of the Mal-doofs and the Missing Monarchs Banner."
The mystery is, no one seems to know who did it. Bee columnist Ailene Voisin on Friday approached Colleen Maloof and asked why the banners are missing.

"I have no idea what happened," the visibly miffed matriarch told Voisin. "Why would anyone do something so stupid? I asked Gavin (Maloof) to talk to Geoff (Petrie) and find out what happened, but Geoff didn't know anything about it, either.

"But I don't care who made the decision; those banners are going back up. This is ridiculous."
As Queenie puts it:
The only acceptable reason for those banners to be missing is because Ticha Penicheiro, Ruthie Bolton, and Yolanda Griffith sneaked into the arena in the middle of the night and claimed them by right of "we earned these, they're ours, piss off".