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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ESPN's got some follow-up to yesterday's Texas double-header and a Connecticut upset.

Mechelle: Routs remind us of the way we were: Does women's hoops need UConn-Tennessee? No, but matchup is greatly missed.
Perhaps there are folks who could look at the doubleheader held here in what will be the 2010 Final Four city and not think, "Wow, they had the wrong matchups." Not sure who those people are, though.

But, alas, there was no other way to do it. Not with these four teams. Texas and Texas Tech will face off once the Big 12 season arrives. And UConn and Tennessee will …

Well, we all know that story, huh? They won't meet unless it happens in the NCAA tournament. And judging by the way both played Tuesday, that meeting most likely would be at the Alamodome in April.

More Mechelle: Tennessee (2-0) tops another Big 12 foe

Well, right now it certainly appears that Tennessee would be the Big 12 favorite … were the school not in the SEC, of course.

Pat Summitt's crew has faced two Jumbo Dozen schools to open the season, Baylor and Texas Tech, and dispatched of both. Two more Big 12 teams -- Texas and Oklahoma -- are on the schedule for Tennessee. Not sure it looks good for either the Longhorns or the Sooners; both those games are at Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville.

Graham got a look at the Louisville/Hartford game:

Jeff Walz will take Louisville anywhere to play any team any time. As he said at a practice Thursday night, fresh off the plane in the midst of a season-opening road trip, if you're going to try and win on the road at places like Marquette during Big East play, it doesn't make sense to duck the Daytons and Hartfords of the world beforehand.

Still, I wonder if he might soon consider tearing the Connecticut page out of his atlas.

And Mechelle adds a little somethin'-somethin' from her blog.

Not a good night in San Antonio for the Lone Star State teams. I wrote about the UConn-Tennessee now-phantom rivalry for ESPN.com, a topic that will no doubt irritate some folks.

I’ve written about a million stories that don’t involve UConn or Tennessee over the last 13 seasons for ESPN.com … but some people still insist I don’t write about anything except the Huskies and the Vols. All I can say to that is it’s not my doing that those two programs have combined to win 14 NCAA titles in the last 22 years.

You write a lot about who wins a lot – and they’ve both won a lot.

That said, what about the Raiders, who fell 91-53 to Tennessee, and the Longhorns, who lost 83-58 to UConn? Both programs looked overmatched by their respective opponents.