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Monday, November 30, 2009

From Graham: A day in the life of the underdog - Hofstra opens pregame preparations, locker room as it readies for UConn
Compete with Connecticut for 40 minutes. It's a mission all but impossible for most women's college basketball teams against a juggernaut that is beating opponents by an average of 46 points this season.

But it wasn't the familiar theme song of the hit action movie franchise or its television predecessor that haunted Hofstra assistant coach Faisal Khan and director of basketball operations Michael Gibson in the early-morning hours before their team's game against the top-ranked, unbeaten and seemingly invincible defending champs. Instead, it was the sounds of "The Jeffersons," George and Weezie's upbeat theme song blaring from Hofstra senior Jess Fuller's cell phone, which had been collected along with those of the entire roster the previous night by the coaching staff in hopes of ensuring rest for the players.