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Thursday, November 19, 2009

From Hoopfeed.com: Tragic loss for a young player in San Antonio, South Texas Hoyas spearhead support
While the nation’s top women’s basketball teams prepare for a showcase at San Antonio’s AT&T Center, a young player in the city is coping with the loss of her biggest fan.

Saturday morning, the mother of an 11 year-old player for the South Texas Hoyas, an AAU girl’s basketball team in San Antonio, died in a fatal domestic violence incident.
Charde Houston is looking to help:
As you know, I have been organizing a fundraising drive to to raise $3,288.00 for a family in San Antonio who's mother died in a domestic violence incident.

There are two children that have lost their mother, an 11 year old, who plays AAU girl's basketball and her 8 year old brother. The coach of the Hoyas, Theresa Nunn, and one her colleagues are seeking help from the community to provide shelter and funds. If you can donate $2, that would help! Please feel free to donate more.
I may have missed it during ESPN's double-header, but if it wasn't mentioned, I wished it had been....