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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Graham has Gonzaga point guard Courtney Vandersloot in his sights:
"It kind of found me," Vandersloot said of the position. "It was almost just natural. Even when I was a little kid and we'd usually switch positions because little kids don't really know, I would always just want to play point guard. Even when I'm not really supposed to be the point guard, I would always just wait for the ball and my coach would have to tell me, 'You're not the point guard.'"
He also takes A look ahead -- and a few reasons to be thankful and notes that the 'After Cirone' era off to good start for Redbirds

Mechelle takes a peek at the 7th dunk and talks some Blue Raiders
Middle Tennessee star Alysha Clark came down with the H1N1 virus at the end of the summer. Her roommate and teammate, Chelsia Lymon, deftly avoided it.

"We had the masks, and I was Lysol-ing everything down," Lymon said, chuckling. "I didn't kick her out the apartment, but I kept her in her room. With all her shoes."

Clark, who led Division I in scoring last season (27.5 ppg), has a fondness for footwear. OK, an obsession. Lymon is one of those people who's so mirthful that you spend much of any conversation with her cracking up. Clark's colossal shoe collection is just one of many topics Lymon can riff about.