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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mechelle writes about the Griner vs. Ten... I mean, the Baylor/Tennessee game.

Mulkey knew the stars probably were not aligned for Griner to come away with a victory in her first college game, seeing as it was at Thompson-Boling Arena on the court named after Tennessee coach Pat Summitt, who, to the surprise of many, got this bee in her bonnet: begin the game with a zone defense … and mostly keep it.

"That's the first time ever, in 36 years, that we started in a zone and played it throughout the game," Summitt said. "How about that?" Pretty stunning. Some folks might have shaken their heads and rubbed their eyes to be sure their vision was clear. However, it's just a rumor that one older Tennessee fan, after watching that many minutes of orange zone, was heard exclaiming, "Good Lord, you can take me now, because at last I've seen it all!"

(Speaking of "Good Lord!" can someone take away the t.v. announcers and their All-American/Hall of Fame Annointing Oil? Sheesh, B.G. is JUST a freshman!)

Graham checked in on the Cardinal/Scarlet matchup and says "Nice guards, Stanford," and "Keep your head up, Rutgers!"