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Monday, November 16, 2009

So, I've been keeping track of the WBCA's Coaching Changes to see if I can cull some candidates for the race to the second annual WHB-MD-RCOY (That would be the WHB Maggie Dixon Division I Rookie Coach of the Year award, Ball State's Kelly Packard being the first honoree).

Hmmm.... shall we just give it to Michael Cooper (who earned his first college victory over Fresno State.)?

Wait, is he eligible? Dang, the conundrum set up by the criteria for the WBCA MDRCOY award may run into the snag I anticipated: a reaaaaally limited field of candidates.
Criteria (In Priority Order)
1. Must be a current Division I head coach in his/her rookie season
2. Qualification/Advancement in NCAA Tournament or NIT
3. Qualification/Advancement in conference tournament
4. Success in conference during the regular season
5. Team success during the regular season
6. Team improvement from previous season
7. Regular season conference record
8. Awards/Honors