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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Well "Yippee!" and "Dabnabbit!"

Sherri Coale is back writing again (Yippee!) and no one bothered to tell me (Dabnabbit!). It just means I get to do some catch up reading over the holidays.

From her latest piece: The Write Space and Time: Nov. 23 Putting it back together.
Basketball is cumulative. And good basketball is dependent upon the soul being sticky enough to keep collecting . Players have to want to keep adding to the whole and they have to be able to. Accumulating is a layered skill. Until players can do certain things well enough to see what happens next, what happens next doesn't exist. Once it does exist, a whole new set of possibilities present themselves. The mental extrapolation can be mind boggling. And yet, that's the very simple recipe for how you, slowly but surely, get good.