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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Renee Montgomery will be blogging for the Hartford Courant. Her first post is up:
I always wondered how outdoor dogs survive the winters, and now I am really curious to know how they survive in Lithuania. Speaking of dogs, a strange conversation came up with my teammates and me: One was from Serbia and one from Lithuania. So we were talking about animals, and I said, "We [in the United States] have all kinds of dogs." And they were like, "Dogs?" (Oh, by the way, they never understand me because I talk too fast). And I go, "Yeah, dogs, like 'woof, woof.'"

My Serbian teammate replies, "Ooooh, dogs, like 'off, off.'"And my Lithuania teammate goes, "No, dogs like 'Oh, oh.'" Now we are all sitting there confused and wondering if we are talking about the same animal, because I have never heard a dog say "off, off" nor "oh, oh."