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Thursday, December 10, 2009

You may recall that Shootaround had a "curse effect" last season.

Seems it hasn't worn off.

Deb and Beth mention the Maryland youngsters, who've played themselves into the top 25m and what happens? The Terps face off against cross-town rival Towson, and Towson (yes, 4-4 Towson) has the lead at the half.

Then they extend the lead in the second. End result? A 67-55 victory.

The Tigers (who defeated Drexel earlier this season) shot 52.2%.

Deb and Beth also talked parity. How about this for an example?

Before the play-by-play stat person adjusted their mistakes, Quinnipiac (yes, 2-5 Quinnipiac) had a two-point lead on #17 Vanderbilt with 6 seconds left. Then Kathleen Neyens nailed a 3-pointer, allowing the Commodores to escape the state of Connecticut with a 75-74 win.

Then the AP writer stepped in and cleared up matters: The Commodores came back from 16 down until Vandy was up 4. Then the Bobcats' Kathleen Neyens hit a 3-pointer as time expired. No foul, game over. Vandy wins.

Parity, folks -- it's not just what college students do on Friday night.

Now, I don't think Beth and Debbie said anything about Oklahoma, but I did notice the Sooners were down to Army at the half, 29-23.

The game stayed close early in the second half, until Oklahoma clamped down on defense, limiting the Black Knights to one basket in the last 6:35. Sooners win, 59-46.

And did you know they have a game blog goin'? Wait! So does Army! How un-WNBA of them!