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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Monday, January 25, 2010

Forget those Feisty Mittens -- how about those Miss-es? Mechelle says, "Let’s wrap it up: SEC grind-it-out style"

Didn’t you see this coming? Georgia defeats Tennessee on Thursday, which is always a big deal but … if you’ve followed the SEC even for a little while, you sensed trouble for the Dogs coming up. They had Mississippi up next, on Sunday, with the Rebs having won four in four and seven of their last eight.

So what happened? Ole Miss (whb question: isn't that an oxymoron?) edged Georgia 66-65, and instead of consolidating the win over Tennessee, Georgia now has to go on the road against Mississippi State (whb note: Which beat Vanderbilt) and Auburn coming off a disappointing loss.

This is life in the SEC, though. And even if people see the league is “down” because it doesn’t have some of the star-studded Final Four contenders of past years, it’s still chock-full of athletes and difficult matchups/trips.