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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Friday, January 15, 2010

So, yeah, there were some interesting games last night. I'm guessing the hair pulling and pepto chugging was pretty high along the coaches benches.
1) Undefeated no more. #6 Georgia went into Nashville and got stomped by short-(broken)-handed Vanderbilt (#22), 66-44.

2) #4 Tennessee went up against Amanda Butler's 9-7 Gators and needed a last second bucket from Bjorklund to secure the win. Of concern for the Vols - another injury to Cain. Though this time a leg, not a head.

3) If I recall correctly, last year North Carolina (#11) did some serious stumbling post UConn stomping. Their 79-64 loss makes you wonder if it'll be deja vu all over again.

4) Meier's Hurricanes almost gave the Duke alum a bittersweet victory, but Jasmine Thomas' double-double kept Miami at bay and the Blue Devils escaped Coral Gables with a 69-62 win.

5) Illinois had a run that made the game interesting, but #5 Ohio State rode Samantha Prahalis' 24pts to a 73-61 victory.

6) One of the Feisty Mittens is looking a little unraveled as Michigan State lost to Wisconsin, 48-45. That's the Spartans' fourth loss in a row.

7) Intent on destroying all things Husky related (yah, I know they're the Cougars, but they share a name with those West Coast Huskies), #2 Stanford demolished Washington State, 80-43.

Less happy news for the Cardinal? J.J. Hones sat the game out with a sore left knee and they lost Jeanette Pohlen to a right ankle injury early in the second half.

8) By the way, on Wednesday, a season high 7,718 watched Baylor take their revenge on the state of Oklahoma by beating the Sooners 57-47. Griner only blocked 11 shots.