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Sunday, January 24, 2010

UConn's obliteration of Villanova gave Mike Jensen from the Inquirer to check up on a Germantown Academy grad.
The basketball was in the air, up for grabs. University of Connecticut sophomore point guard Caroline Doty wanted it, fought for it.
That was halftime yesterday at Villanova's Pavilion. A UConn manager was throwing balls out for warm-ups. Doty - a UConn starter from the first game of her freshman year - wanted the first one. She was smiling, but she wanted it.

"That's her," said her coach, Geno Auriemma. "She's a throwback to the way things used to be."
Speaking of Philly kids, gotta love this line from Gardler:
They did cheer for Gardler when the senior forward was introduced for the first start of her career. Gardler, the daughter of Auriemma's high school coach at nearby Bishop Kenrick, started over Tiffany Hayes.

Gardler scored six points and was moved by the tribute. She said about 120 fans came to watch her final game in the area. They probably weren't the ones who told Gardler in high school she would never make it at UConn.

"That's typical of this area. That's just growing up here," Auriemma said. "If you're not any good, they tell you you're no good. If you're really good, they tell you you're no good. It's just growing up in Philly."