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Sunday, January 24, 2010

WATN? Jamie Carey:
Jamie Carey is not the type of coach that pegs all her team's hopes on her senior class.

The former WNBA player, now coach for the third-ranked Legacy, has been around the game too long and has watched too many youngster fill big roles on the court. While she might not see seniors as the end-all be-all, Carey is not blind to what they have meant to what is turning out to be the Lightning's dream season.

The center-guard combo of Carli Moreland and Quincey Noonan has turned Legacy's opponents inside-out and has made the Lightning the last undefeated program in Class 5A.

"They're quite a tandem," Carey said. "What they've done so far is a tribute to them stepping up in their roles as seniors -- they've proved to be the cornerstones."