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Friday, February 05, 2010

*all sing* "Workin' hard for their money!"

Alana and Charde do the guest bloggin' thing over at SlamOnline.

Which gives me the opportunity to say, once again, how stunningly incompetent the WNBA in terms of understanding media, marketing and fans.

Ben at SlamOnline is workin' it. I mean work. in'. IT. Covering the W top to bottom.

So how come I, as a longtime season subscriber, ain't getting WNBA "News Alert Emails" that send me links to his articles? Or Mechelle's? Or Swish Appeal's? Or.. or.... or... all the others who used to write before they took buyouts?

Does the WNBA not WANT coverage? If they do, they need to help that coverage get noticed! They must have, what, 65-70,000 season subscriber emails. USE THEM.

I mean, come on, Kathy (and I know you're reading this -- and no, I've not forgotten -- it's just that it sucks to work for a living). I found out you were writing for ESPN from.... Kathy at the Women's Hoops Blog!

Ouch! Where's the friggin' WNBA press release?

I'm sorry, but if the one person shop named Lisa Champagne in Vermont can do it for the Catamounts, the W can.