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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From David Siegel, host of Dishin' and Swishin' on Women's Streaming Talk Radio: Tomorrow's show, at www.wstrradio.com on at 11 amEST and repeat at 7 pm EST is a special 90 minute episode featuring Chantelle Anderson.

Writes David:

Chantelle and I discussed in no particular order: Her career from youth through the pros; Playing in San Antonio for Dan Hughes; The end of her WNBA days in Atlanta; Her thoughts on the current WNBA and its future Favorite players to watch; Contraction, the players in the league and the salary cap; Her blog, twitter, ustream and speaking career; Empowerment, what it is and what it means to Chantelle; "The book;" Tiger Woods; Men vs. women on twitter, etc.; Sexuality in the game, including the Florida State website "controversy;" Advertising and marketing the W; Taking on the stereotypes and myths around women athletes.

As you would expect, Chantelle was her usual confident, outspoken self.