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Thursday, February 25, 2010

From the NYTimes' Dave Caldwell: 3-Point Artist Sees W.N.B.A. as Just Another Long Shot
Melissa Beyruti was so quiet when she first arrived at Kean University (#2 in the country) that her basketball coach, Michele Sharp, made her stop by her office just to see if Beyruti was doing all right. Sharp said the visits came to be known as “Melissa meetings.”

When asked if she was any more talkative as a fifth-year senior than as a freshman, Beyruti smiled politely and said, “A little bit.”

What Beyruti could do without any problems was shoot the ball accurately from long range. On Tuesday, three minutes into a 92-68 victory over Montclair State, Beyruti became the N.C.A.A. career leader in 3-point baskets.