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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Graham says: Husker, not Huskies, for player of year

...something dawned on me while watching Nebraska beat Texas A&M on Saturday.

I'd vote for Nebraska's Kelsey Griffin as player of the year if ballots were due today.

Much of that, I guess, comes down to how anyone defines the award. If it's for the most talented player in the country, it's Moore (after Nebraska crushed Vermont in Burlington, Catamounts coach Sharon Dawley said Griffin was one of the best players she had ever seen; she also said Moore was probably the only player she had seen in person this season who was better). If it's for the player who has made the biggest impact on the best team this season, and one of the best teams ever, it's Charles.

But, at least to me, the definition isn't that easily discernible.