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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Monday, February 15, 2010

I could do without the disrespect to the league -- and, by association, to Richardson -- but I've come to expect it... sigh.

Anyhoo, from CBSSports.com's Mike Freeman:
The NCAA tournament is right around the corner and Nolan Richardson is coaching the Tulsa Shock of the WNBA.

"I've been asked by friends if I've been banned from college basketball all these years for being outspoken," the former Arkansas coach said. "I'd have to say yes. Anyone can see that."

Richardson coaching the Shock would be like Tony Stewart driving a passenger bus. With all due respect to the Shock, it's an exquisite waste of talent. It's also a reminder of the iron fist of college basketball and its ability to reach across time and eternally punish someone it perceives as trouble.