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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I finally did see Nebraska, against Texas A&M, and you know what?

1. They're fun to watch, and they don't look dependent on one star player, though the Huskers' win sure did depend on Griffin's prowess. They pass very well, and Yvonne ("Vonnie") Turner is quite the three-point ace. She's currently shooting 44% from downtown on the year.

2. The Aggies reminded me, not for the first time, of Rutgers: lots of defensive scrambling, lots of stamina, players who can run quite fast but prefer to burn clock, and not a whole lot of assists. It's a very frustrating style of play to watch, and this year it's not clear how well it will work, though coach Blair runs it well.

3. The Big XII has a lot of pretty good teams, now as in years past. Voepel, who knows the conference better than anyone, has half the teams in that league on her weekly ballot. But its best team-- Nebraska-- didn't look, to me, likely to beat UConn, nor to beat Stanford. I do hope March gives us a chance to find out.

4. Is the Big XII South still tougher than the Big XII North? Watch this space, and the margins of victory (if they're still victories) within it, this month to find out.

UPDATE: when Helen compared the Huskers to OU, she meant the Stacey Dales, out-of-nowhere, OU: correction (mine) duly made.