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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Milestone alerts:

  • #400 in New Jersey for Rutgers Prep girls basketball coach Mary Klinger. (Those of us "in the know" will recognize her as the twin of former Liberty head coach Patty Coyle.)
“People always ask me why I’m still here, why haven’t I moved on to a bigger stage. But from the bottom of my heart,” she said, “what I deal with every day are kids who are intelligent, highly motivated and want to be successful. How would you not want to work with kids like this?”
One of Napoleon’s famous mantras is “One bad general is better than two good ones.” Don’t tell that to Brookdale Community College. Eleven years ago then- Athletic Director Jack Ryan did the unthinkable. He hired two head coaches, Marianne Campacci and Joanne Cobb, for the women’s basketball program.

More than 200 wins later and three trips to the national tournament, it’s easy to call what appeared to be a gamble a huge success.

  • Head coach Tammy George became the first coach in USC Upstate women's basketball history to reach 100 career wins while on the sidelines of the Spartanburg campus.