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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

More on the mess in Piscataway: a Rutgers student reporter watches the Scarlet Knights practice, sans uniforms-- as she has in the past, coach Stringer took away their gear to punish them for playing the wrong way.

"We deserve to have our things taken away because we're... a wreck," says Rashidat Juniad. Coach Stringer has famously used that tactic before, and I know many of her players thank her later, but I still find it odd.

What did CVS do to get punished herself for one game? She was "misusing" practice players, but that doesn't mean she used them for target practice: the problem is that practice players have to be eligible for NCAA sports, just as if they suited up for the team (because, in a sense, they do).

If the Scarlet Knights used the same practice player for more than four years, or if they used somebody academically ineligible, or if they failed to even check on such things, that would be a violation. Apparently it's none of those things, though: it looks like a team manager participated in a practice, or multiple practices, despite not being eligible to play.