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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NPR's Frank DeForde asks: UConn Women's Team Excels; Will America Notice?

But notice something unique about this exceptional focus on women athletes?

All of them are in individual sports. Although more and more American schoolgirls grow up playing team games, those sports just don't attract commensurate attention at any level. With women's team sports, there is still a glass grandstand.

All the more amazing that right now, the women's basketball team at the University of Connecticut may well be the most overwhelming power ever to dominate any major sport. But to most media, the Huskies are but a stealth bomber.

I'm sure Frank knows that much of that is because, historically, women have been pushed into the "individual" sports. More money, of course, but clearly rooted in the fear of gathering too many women in one room. They might become a powerful unit and use that power to demand change.

Or they might turn into lesbians.

And if that's the fear, it makes me wonder why there's so much support of putting a bunch of boys in one room - on one team. I mean, have "those in fear" missed the homo-erotic implications of "tight ends," "man-to-man" defense, wrestling, the excessive "package adjustment" on diamonds, speedoos, and the lycra-clad boy-on-boy action of the WWF and Ultimate Fighting?

Hello! Get-a-clue patrol!

heh. heh.