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Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh, look! An email from the Liberty alerting me to yet another Swish Appeal article on New York!


"More than just the scoring": What Exactly Does Powell Bring to the Liberty?
"Jeez-well look: she's an all-star," said Blazejowski in an interview with Swish Appeal last Thursday. "Believe it or not, I've always called John Whisenant every year and it's a perennial conversation: ‘Alright, well, what can we do to get Powelly?' If you call him and talk to him he'll tell you that's true. So I've always liked her as a player."

So before looking ahead to moving Powell, perhaps it's worth considering what Powell brings to the Liberty. Although many people assume she's just a scorer, both Blazejowski and head coach Anne Donovan suggest she's more than that.
...and a follow-up to the "Cappie wants out of the desert and in to the Empire State" talk: A Potential Wrinkle to the Pondexter Rumor: Keeping Temeka Johnson?
Here is what we know about the New York Liberty: they struggled to score last summer, head coach Anne Donovan would like to play more transition offense this season, and by adding Nicole Powell they now have two wings who aren't necessarily big distributors.

Doesn't that sound like a perfect fit for Phoenix Mercury All-Star Cappie Pondexter?
Side note: Max knows how to shoot women's basketball. I really like the "Orsillio auditions for Olympic short track speed skating team." shot