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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

She's not on a top-10 team, but she IS rockin' the nets and climbing the ACC scoring charts.

After dropping 34pts on Maryland, Virginia's Monica Wright scooted past #4 Linda Page (2,307pts - the NC State player Deb Antonelli called the best scorer no one ever saw). Next up?

3. Genia Beasley, NC State, 2357pts (On Shootaround's NC State Top Starting Five list)
2. Alana Beard, Duke - 2,687pts
1. Barbara Kennedy-Dixon, Clemson - 3,113 (seems safe....)

Sidenote -- it took a LOT of creative searching to find Genia.... Well, not a lot, but enough that "acc women's basketbal scoring record" didn't instantly pop up a list. Say, what!?!

Where's the searchable ACC records for women's basketball (for any conference's women's side) and why isn't it google-e-fied?

Equally frustrating, in light of Shootaround's "Starting Five" team lists: It's amazing how many great, great players have no player bios on their alma mater's website. I'm talking team Hall of Famers. That's just drop dead wrong.

History, y'all. They're making it. We should be keeping it.