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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stringer: 'We ain't going to the NIT' (RU lost to St. John's)
"People have asked me would we go to the NIT," the Hall of Fame coach said. "I don't know anything about the NIT and I guarantee you I won't be coaching a team that goes to the NIT. So if we don't go to the NCAA, we ain't going to the NIT. That's second in my opinion, and I never will accept and never have accepted it. So don't even ask me that question, ever.
You know what? That's just stupid and reflects a stunning level of ignorance -- not to mention disrespect for every team that's participated in the WNIT as well as all the WNIT organizers have done to grow the game. (If only she read the WBCA's magazine Coaching Women's Basketball.)

Doesn't anyone remember LaTech pulling that same bull? How's the basketball world treated them since?

The WNIT rocks -- both pre and post. (I was just thinking it's a great season for them to have a field of 64.) Teams benefit and grow (Witness last year's participants - and this year's ranked teams - West Virginia and St. John's). Seniors get to extend their season. Programs get to earn some money.

In last year’s Postseason WNIT, South Florida edged host Kansas 75-71 in front of a record crowd of 16,113 fans. It was the largest crowd in Big 12 Conference and Kansas history to watch a women’s college game.

Hon - it ain't about you, it's about your players.