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Thursday, February 04, 2010

This keeps up, Nebraska's going to have to get a bigger bandwagon... (Check out the Shootaround Companion blog if you want to jump on Debbie's...)

From Mechelle, post-Oklahoma State pasting:
We've all seen coaches get that, ''I don't know what to tell you,'' look after a frightful game where their team stunk up the gym to the rafters. But you typically don't see that after a coach's league-leading team just clobbered the second-place team in the conference.

Yet this is what the Huskers are doing to Connie Yori. They're competing so tenaciously and executing so effectively, they are leaving their coach with a serious case of cat-got-your-tongue.

"I didn't expect this, but I thought we'd play well," Yori said after the No. 4 Huskers beat No. 11 Oklahoma State 88-67 Wednesday at the Devaney Center. "At times, this group has kept me speechless, and that's really hard. Because if anybody knows me, they know that I love to ramble."