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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

(Warning: petty rant.) You know, I was all excited to finally see the unbeaten Cornhuskers take on Andrea Riley and Oklahoma State. I haven't seen Nebraska yet this year, and we have a DVR, and a satellite dish, and a pretty good-- though not the very most expensive-- sports package. And the Big XII game was televised tonight.

But not where we live: not on whatever subset of Fox Sports Network programs Dish deigns to give us. It showed up on our program guide as a game we could see, but the recording was just the Dish Network blue screen. (At least there are video clips from older games here: check out that crowd.)

I didn't see them tonight, but Nebraska rolled. Griffin had 19 points in 19 minutes; Riley shot just 4-15 from the floor.

I like the ACC and the Big East, of course, and I don't mind the SEC, but could somebody from ESPN, or even CBS, please consider trying to put the only other undefeated Division I team on truly national TV before the regular season ends? Maybe that's not possible-- maybe the team is under an unbreakable contract to regional bits of Fox Sports-- but it would be nice if those of us without the truly highest-end sports packages could see these Huskers play.