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Monday, March 08, 2010

All right, Melanie - who keeps messin' with the ESPN front page? Where's the "Championship Results, bids" page?

It wasn't on the front page of the .com, then it was, now it's MIA.

Wait... NOW I know who's ruining women's basketball!!!

Jess kiddin' -- sorta. 'cause the content is cool, but the layout/access to content is, as my mom would say, from hunger. They're not trying to build women's basketball with one hand and smoosh it with the other, are they?

Umm, now that I've got your attention, would this be a good time to remind you that Graham and Mechelle - aka, The Women's Basketball Blogs - are still MIA from ESPN's blog front page & index?

Where's Carol Stiff when I need her? Don't you all talk to each other?