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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Baylor's really laid down the law: Griner is out for a whole extra game.

Owee, owee, owee....

Now, I don't know a lot about Brittney, other than she's very tall, plays for a team who I have to cheer against because of their bylaws and has, as a freshman, put up numbers that are comparable to Donovan's and Leslie's.

And now I know she threw a punch and broke another player's nose.

Having watched her a couple times, I didn't see a particularly feisty, in-your-face attitude. But, because she swung at another player, I read this tidbit from Mechelle's article in reaction to the punch (and I'm sorry, but who the hell is Jemele Hill, where the hell has she been all this women's basketball season, and how the hell does she knock Mechelle off the front page of ESPN.com?):
At one point, she swatted away a shot, and then sort of hovered over and stared down at her opponent. It was brief but noticeable. And after one of her dunks, she ran back up the court yelling, shaking her head and tapping her chest.
Now, woofing at an over-matched player - while profoundly uncharming - doesn't necessarily lead me to think, "Oh, oh, this kid has an attitude that may lead to violent behavior."

But the I was directed to this other piece of information from a 2008 Hoopgurlz article:
The teenaged girl fixing to change her sport of choice literally would rather fight than switch - switch tactics, switch athletic pursuits, switch herself just to fit into people's vision of what she is supposed to look like or do. Once, she raced downcourt during a club-basketball tournament in Galveston, Texas, and knocked a girl out, reprisal for being kicked in the head.
First of all, Griner was far bigger than kids her age, girls or boys. Secondly, her father already taught her some self- defensive moves. Third, and most critically, even he admits, his daughter inherited the short fuse that's bloomed on nearly every branch of the Griner family tree.
So what am I to make of this statement from coach Mulkey?
"I don't believe this incident should define Brittney Griner - either as a person or as a player," she added. "Anyone who has been around her knows that she's a great kid. Her actions last night were very uncharacteristic of her. Unfortunately, she let her emotions get the best of her, and that can't happen. Brittney is a special young lady, she is great for our game, and I believe she will learn from this mistake and will become a better person moving forward."
Kim, a short fuse is a dangerous thing. And neither a two game suspension or the loss of the rest of the season will address that issue. Learning to handle it is a lifetime's work -- Get to it, y'all.

(And Jemele? I'm sorry, but do you have any idea how LONG AGO McEnroe played? Jumpin' jehosaphat, woman -- if you're going to make a point, please give me a McEnroe-esque act by male tennis player in the last three years!)

As a PS - remember the pre-game warm-ups brawl between Georgetown and Louisville? Three players got a one game suspension (no NCAA suspension because no officials on duty at the time). From an article:
In addition to a one-game suspension for three players, there will be "private team and individual reprimands as well [as] ongoing seminars and training of related issues," according to the release by the Big East.