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Friday, March 05, 2010

From the NYTimes: Referees’ Heavy Workloads a Concern for Some Coaches

The top men’s college basketball referees, who are independent contractors, are paid about $1,000 a game, in addition to expenses. Many call 80 to 90 games over a 20-week season, often for major conferences in the caldrons (sic) of big arenas.

The rigors of working so frequently in such pressure-laden situations, some coaches say, are resulting in bad calls.

To be honest, this is not a new concern. BUT, as often happen, it's a complaint/concern that no one offers a solution to. Let's say we limit (though we can't, because they're independent contractors) how many games an official gets to ref.

So now, do you want to be the one to tell Pat Summitt that she's going to get a couple of greenhorns and a semi-newbie doing her game because, sorry, Lisa Mattingly has reffed too many games this week?

There are simply not enough good refs (in the men's OR women's game) but nobody wants THEIR game to be the one the up and coming refs learn on. To them, they'd rather a Mattingly on her 7th game than a D-1 greenhorn on his 2nd.

It takes time, energy and commitment (as in 7-10yrs or so) to get to the top of the profession. Considering the attitudes displayed by fans, coaches and players, can you honestly be surprised that there's a small pool to draw from?

It's been encouraging, actually, so see some women's basketball coaches modulate their criticisms of officiating with a little...well... fact-based information. Developing a corps of young, skilled officials that can match the growth of our game will take collaboration between all parties.