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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Huskers are no longer undefeated: Nebraska lost by ten to Gary Blair's Aggies in the Big XII semifinal.

The reason seems simple enough: Kelsey Griffin, in foul trouble early, spent too many minutes on the bench: she ended up with only 26 minutes of play.

"We can't lose confidence," coach Yori said. "That's a really good basketball team we lost to."

In the other Big XII semifinal (the one I got to watch) Oklahoma struggled to beat Andrea Riley Oklahoma State, but the Sooners did it: Robinson and Thompson came through at the end of a somewhat plodding game.

Statistically, OSU isn't quite a one-player team-- in today's loss, three-point ace Tegan Cunningham scored 21 to Riley's 32.

If you watch the Cowgirls, though, you'll see the ball in Riley's hands, and Riley (aka Beep Beep) taking ridiculous outside shots, on possession after possession-- so much so that announcers alternate between awe at her skills and moral disdain for OSU's style of play.

Riley set yet another record: she's the highest total scorer ever in the history of the Big XII tournament. It was her last Big XII game, and maybe her last in the region, depending on where they're seeded for the NCAA tournament (which they should make) and how far they go.

"If you didn't come out and see her," said coach Budke, "you really missed something." If you did, there's a neat-- but outdated-- Riley fan site just for you.

What to expect for tomorrow's final in KC (1:30pm Eastern on Fox Sports)? Good D from TAMU, as always, and probably a pretty even game: the teams split the reg-season matches, each winning at home.