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Saturday, March 06, 2010

More good thinking from Mechelle on the punch and its aftershocks:
I heard one commentator say something to the effect that seeing Griner punch someone made it look "more interesting, like men's sports."

And I thought, "Since when are people tuning into men's college basketball to watch guys punch each other?" But I'm guessing in his mind, seeing a punch absurdly suggested passion, as if fiery competitiveness is something new for women.

I thought back to a magazine story I read last summer about how girls playing basketball could get so heated and competitive that they'd have to be taken out of the game to cool off. This was in reference to a journal entry kept by a high school player in Iowa … in 1908.
Women have always had that passion, no matter how many opportunities have been denied them. When it boils over, as seemed to be the case with Griner, it can have bad consequences.