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Friday, March 12, 2010

Q writes: In Defense of the Pac-10: Underclassmen Pave the Way for Brighter Future
After beating Washington State on the Sunday following New Year's Eve, University of Oregon coach Paul Westhead commented that WSU was a team that could "challenge and beat people" in the Pac-10 this year.

Prior to visiting a WSU team last weekend that sat at 2-15, Westhead reiterated his point in describing his impressions of the Pac-10 after his first year coaching in the conference.

I mean, think about it -- have any of the "omigod the women's basketball sky is falling!" johnny-come-lately writers checked out what UConn (and a couple of other teams) is losing next year -- and what some of the top teams AREN'T losing?!?! Holy carp, it's going to be an interesting next couple of years!