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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

After the deluge, Q weighs in: "The Persecution of Excellence": Why sensationalistic journalism is bad for women's basketball

Regardless of whether you're an advocate of the game, what we witnessed is just flat out bad journalism. Far too many of the "journalists" who sports fans look to most failed to, well, actually be "journalists" -- like, you know, people who take an event, put it in context, and help us understand its significance.

Rather than taking a well-reasoned position based on actually paying attention to the thing they wanted to report on, they presented an unreflective leading question and followed it up with unreflective rantings based on a ridiculous premise. How it is that someone who considers themselves a "journalist" could write something that had no basis in what was actually happening in the real world is beyond me. And that was bad for women's basketball because it denied the unreflective fans that read these unreflective journalists the opportunity to better understand the game.

I dunno... looks like I make have to make up those "Proud member of the Women's Basketball Intelligentsia" t-shirts after all. And send one to Q.

Who else wants one?