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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

From Brigitte Yuille at Financial Edge: Top WNBA Salaries: How Do They Stack Up?

To be honest, other than for the education of the general public, I'm not sure what the point of articles like this is. Why on earth WOULD WNBA salaries even casually resemble NBA salaries?

I mean, why do the people forget the fact that the NBA has been around longer, plays more games, has ridiculous advertising and sponsorship, is a highly visible and marketable brand and fills stands. (Unless, of course, you're in New Jersey. Or New York. Or *fillintheblank* And yes, we all know that if the figures and stories are correct, the league has not escaped the overblown excesses that financial boom can bring and there may be a reckoning of some sort in the not too distant future.)

I hate it when people compare apples to pasta -- and ignore history, to boot. Makes me cranky.

Maybe I should put on my bunny ears again.