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Monday, April 19, 2010

Jeff Pearlman at SI takes the time to write a really fine piece on the passing of a class act: Former Delaware women's basketball coach Joyce Perry has succumed to cancer.

Sometimes, when you happen to be an especially gigantic jerk, you do dumb things.

In 1993, I was an especially gigantic jerk.

At the time I was sports editor of The Review, the University of Delaware's student newspaper. I was young and moronic and inexcusably cocky, and I made it one of my missions to -- and there is no other way to say this -- mock the school's women's basketball team. Why? Because I was a bully with a Bic, and a women's team drawing roughly 400 fans per game is an easy target. Hence, I penned insulting columns and embarrassing headlines, I belittled their accomplishments and dismissed their stars. In one particularly pathetic piece, I dared the coach to allow me to practice with her players. "We'll see how good they are," I wrote -- a line straight out of Chauvinist Pig Loser: 101.

The coach, to her credit, never responded.