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Sunday, April 04, 2010

More from Mechelle: Medlock makes most of time at Baylor
When Morghan Medlock talked to Baylor coach Kim Mulkey about transferring from the University of Southern California two years ago, they couldn't have imagined all they'd end up going through together -- the good times and the bad.

They couldn't have envisioned Medlock would end up as kind of a den mother to a young team that made the Final Four ahead of a lot of people's "schedule" for this program. And they couldn't have foreseen Medlock would do all this after living through the intense personal tragedy of her own mother's murder.
Wait, there's more! Stanford must aim to slow Robinson
For the Oklahoma media guide, the Sooners took a photo of Danielle Robinson wearing a military helmet. Just to remind everybody that she really is much more than a skinny but wiry-strong, 5-foot-9 sprite that's here one second, zipping away the next.

Robinson is the floor "general," a junior so in sync with coach Sherri Coale that just a look, a nod, a hand signal or a word during a game can communicate all that they've talked about in countless hours of practices and watching video.