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Friday, April 09, 2010

There is a ton of information on the Draft. Some highlights:

Connecticut - No surprise they took Tina Charles. They also landed Kelsey Griffin at #3 through the Lynx, in exchange for a first and second round pick in the 2011 Draft. Danielle McCray was their pick at #7 (which they got the day before in exchange for Chante Black and Amber Holt). Allison Hightower and Johannah Leedham were selected in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. McCray definitely will not play this year because of a torn ACL and and Leedham may miss the season as well to train with the national team in England.

"I signed here knowing we already had Renee Montgomery and we were likely going to get Tina," Sun guard Kara Lawson said. "But what really excited me about the day was all the youth we brought in. We've essentially given ourselves a four-to five-year window [to win]."

Minnesota - The Lynx were excited to add Monica Wright with the #2 pick to an already talented roster. The #3 pick was not as clear cut. Had they used it for themselves, Jayne Appel would be a member of their team. But believing they will not be in the lottery next year, they gambled on the picks from next year's draft. Gabriela Marginean will join Wright in camp as a fellow rookie.

Chicago - The Sky's pick was not in the U.S., but she is happy to have the chance to play here this summer. Epiphanny Prince will join one of her teammates from her Turkish squad on a Sky team looking to make the playoffs for the first time. Joining Prince in camp will be Abi Olajuwon

San Antonio - The Silver Stars took advantage of Jayne Appel's availability at the #5 slot and also added Alysha Clark and Alexis Rack in the second and third rounds. “Sometimes, fortune is even more powerful than preparation,” Silver Stars general manager Dan Hughes said. “I don't think we thought we could get any of these players.”

Appel will need some time to recover from an ankle sprain and stress fracture in her foot. But she said, "I'll do the best I can to stay in shape and get healthy. Getting healthy is the big thing so I can help this team."

Washington - Everyone, including Angela Taylor and Julie Plank, acknowledge they wanted to add post players. And the Mystics did that with Jacinta Monroe at #6 and Jenna Smith at #15. Shanavia Dowdell and Alexis Gray-Lawson will also get a shot as a later picks. For more on all of the selections, check out the BasketCases blog.

Tulsa - The Shock traded their pick in the first round, but did add Amanda Thompson and Vivian Frieson in the later rounds. Nolan Richardson explains why he wanted Thompson. The fact that she was from (the University of) Oklahoma had nothing to do with the pick," Richardson said. "Winning will put butts in the seats. Amanda is a player I would have taken regardless of where she played college. She's got that type of character, wit about herself and she loves the game. You can tell that by the way she plays it."

Los Angeles - Jen Gillom indicated before the draft she wanted shooting guards and that is what they got with their first two picks, Andrea Riley and Bianca Thomas. "I can't believe how perfectly it turned out," Gillom said. "Riley is the type of player we need in L.A. She's definitely Showtime. People are going to love to watch her."

The Sparks also added a couple of post players in Angel Robinson and Rashidat Junaid.

Atlanta - The Dream went with potential with their first round pick of Chanel Mokango. "I think we filled a tremendous need at that post position,” Marynell Meadors said. “I think her upside is just out of sight.” Brigitte Ardossi and Brittainey Raven were also picked by Atlanta.

Seattle - The Storm selected a back up PG for Sue Bird in Alison Lacey, who should also fill the three point shooting void of Katie Gearlds, who is taking the season off. Lacey will be joined in camp by fellow Big 12 player Tanisha Smith and Hungarian center Tijana Krivacevic.

Indiana - The Fever have been pretty quiet during the off season, but did add some depth to their roster with the selections of Jené Morris, Armelie Lumanu and Joy Cheek.

Phoenix - The Mercury did not have a first round selection, but did pick up Tyra Grant and Nyeshia Stevenson.

New York - The Liberty were also without a first round pick, but added Kalana Greene, Ashley Houts and Cory Montgomery to the roster.

For a first hand look at the draft, be sure to check out reports from Queenie and freelantz on the scene report and reactions from Q and others at Swish Appeal.