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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Way, way more daily news coverage for tonight's big game (8:30pm Eastern) than we can possibly read and discuss in this space: Helen (above) has it all, and holy cow, that's a lot of coverage. A few highlights and not-quite-random reads:

Longman sees how far Stanford's Gold-Onwude has come. "Ros really had to go from that caterpillar to the butterfly," coach TV says.

Gold-Onwude has also become quite the speechmaker: yesterday she said Geno should have a reality show.

Much-injured-- but highly motivated-- Stanford guard J.J. Hones watched last year's Final Four from Spain: now she's rejoined her team. Hones will have offseason surgery and then decide whether to return to the team: "I don't want to be one of those old people that goes for a walk and has to put ice on their knees," she explains.

The Austin-American Statesman waxes literary, comparing UConn's offensive sets to "a kind of pulley mechanism," and to Bill Bradley as witnessed by John McPhee.

SI's Deitsch watches Maya Moore get ready for Nneka Ogwumike. "She's developed faster than any sophomore in the country," Moore says. "She has a lot of confidence right now."

Jeff Jacobs looks back at the not-yet-perfect season-- and slips in a jab at coach Summitt near the end.

UConn has played Stanford in three Final Fours in a row. That hasn't happened since... 2004, the third of three years in which UConn met Tennessee, either in the semis or in the title game.

Milton Kent is the latest writer to note how Tina Charles changed, and improved, after UConn lost to Stanford in 2008-- the last time the Huskies lost to anyone.

UConn fans swarm San Antonio, seeing the sights and loving the Riverwalk.

The Strib's Rachel Blount (in syndication) explains why UConn are not ruining women's basketball. She might have noted that Sunday's UConn game drew the best ratings the Final Four has had in years (2.6; Stanford-OU drew just 1.7).

When Jessie and I were in Indianapolis for the '05 Final Four, we saw coach Mulkey take a call from George W. Bush. Last week he tried to call coach Mulkey again.