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Saturday, May 08, 2010

From the Huskers' site: Griffin, Montgomery Set for WNBA Debuts

Doesn't "debuts" just look wrong? I feel the same way about "debuted."

Which brings me to an observation: Haven't been able to keep up with all the articles the draftees have generated in their hometowns and on their college team's websites -- but there have been quite a few. It's too bad the W isn't more proactive in setting up a "Getting to Know the Draftees" page with links.... 'cause, by writing the pieces -- following their alums, they're doing just what Lin Dunn wants:
“I sometimes don’t think that the college coaches realize how fortunate they are to have a women’s professional league and how that motivates young girls, motivates high school players, motivates their players to continue to continue to get better, to continue to strive for the next level.” Those same coaches, she’s noticed, are recognizing the cachet of having a player enter the WNBA. “Let’s take a Kristi Cirone at Illinois State,” she posited. “How did that impact that team and that league, that she was striving for the next level? Megan Frazee at Liberty. How did it affect her team, her conference?”

“That brings you additional media attention, gives value to your program, and you use it in your recruiting,” noted Dunn. “I walk into your locker room and there’s a huge photo of the player that got drafted. Now my question to you is, ‘What are you doing to make sure we’re around 10 years from now?’ We are helping you. You must help us. You must support us. You must invest in our future.”
So, the W needs to make sure they reciprocate.