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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Saturday, May 29, 2010

In answer to Bethlehem Shoals, there's no way the WNBA could avoid some conflicts with the guys' playoffs unless the W season were to start even later-- and run even shorter-- than it does now. In some consolation, the overlap means that W teams will have firmly established fans' expectatations for the season around the time that the guys' finals conclude.

Some of those expectations got upended last night, as Atlanta remained undefeated in Phoenix, staying ahead of the Merc despite the home team's late-game 16-0 run. "It was two halves, really," said Penny Taylor: McCoughtry and co. rode their strong first half to the win.

In another mild surprise, previously winless Los Angeles beat the Mystics in L.A. Washington are now without a home loss but without a road win: the Basket Cases assign the blame. Praise there belongs to Candace but also to the L.A. Times's Baxter Holmes, who spoke with CP about the game: "I'm still adjusting to [coach Gillom's] system," she said. "We all are. But it's good to adjust... while winning."

Finally, Cappie led New York over San Antonio: the home loss sounds like a mess for the SASS, who got out-rebounded by double-digits despite the supposed benefits of their week off.