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Saturday, May 08, 2010

John Altavilla tackles the age old issue of players coming in late because they play oversea:

The real solution for the WNBA is the expansion of rosters to allow teams a taxi squad of at least one or two players. And this is something the financially prudent WNBA does not want to consider. Last year, the league limited teams to only 11 players – injured or not. The problem this creates for coaches is enormous and the product eventually suffers.
Now, people have been saying the 11-player roster hurts the product. I would appreciate someone breaking that statement down and offering some specifics. Are the starters playing more minutes than they usually do? Are they getting injured more often because they're on the court more? Are their performances dropping off during the end of the season and in the playoffs because they've played more minutes? Is scoring down? Is scoring UP (because players are tired and can't defend)?

Give me bench play minutes over the last few years -- then we'll talk if the product is hurt (or if the players on the bench are hurt because they're not developing 'cause they've been cut 'cause there are only 11 allowed.)

Seems to me it's the salary cap that's hurting the teams/end-product/fans more. A coach builds a core, then can't afford to keep'em. But hey, sure spreads the talent around.