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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh, good.

I like when I ask and the professionals do the hard work and answer.

From Clay at SlamOnline: It’s Raining Buckets: How contraction in the WNBA expands scoring—and excitement.
Throughout the history of the WNBA, there have been few teams with three legitimate scoring threats – and the primary reason has been that there have been too many teams and not enough scorers. Even most good teams had only two players who counted as scorers, so those two scorers always one-and-a-half defenders to beat.

With contraction, however, the game has changed. Now more teams than ever have three scoring options, and all of a sudden, point totals are exploding. In regulation Saturday, the lowest point total for any of the six teams was 78, and when you add the overtimes, the lowest number was 81.