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Saturday, May 29, 2010

A teaser from NY's Newsday:

The Liberty is having a news conference Wednesday to announce what it is calling a "groundbreaking new partnership."

In attendance will be the presidents of MSG Sports, the Liberty and the WNBA, so it must be something pretty big.

Might the Liberty be announcing it will be the fourth WNBA franchise to put a sponsor's logo on its uniforms?

Or, might the Liberty be announcing they're renaming the team the NewArk Liberty, in honor of it's ouster from the Garden next season?

Speaking of the ouster, I've been having some very interesting conversations with season ticket holders about what they are -- or are not -- going to do next season about renewing. If the Liberty were a grown up organization, they'd get in front of this beast right this minute. There would be meet and greet with current subscribers with a focus not to glad hand-us, but to get us on board, maybe even brainstorm some ideas.

Here's a radical one: recognize that getting out to Newark for the next three years might not be attractive -- or possible -- for some season subscribers. Offer to hold their seats for the duration and give'em first dibs on'em when the Garden reopens for the summer.

But, all this forward thinking, fan friendly (actually, fan respecting) stuff may be beyond Blaze and company. They fumbled badly with the whole, "Guess what, we're going to Rockefeller Center!" adventure. I don't see any sign that they've learned anything from that experience.

The Donna? Might you step in, please?