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Friday, June 11, 2010

Helen in TN and at the WBHOF Induction ceremony, plus a little photography, pt. 4.

As promised, some photos from Helen's adventures. (Or, as our favorite Final Four announcer says, "Faux-toes."

Too much to digest from tonight to put into words -- especially after negotiating uploading and inserting -- but I will offer some quotes from tonight that resonated:

Inductee Gloria Ray (On what was the biggest challenge she faced in getting the WBHOF built): "[Giving people the] confidence that we deserved and the game needed and warranted a place to be honored."

Inductee Teresa Weatherspoon (On accepting the job to coach at Louisiana Tech): It was impossible to say "no" to a University that didn't say "no" to me.

Jasmina Perazic, quoting her Maryland coach, inductee Chris Weller: "Aren't you either honest or not honest?"

Rebecca Lobo: "I was fortunate to be a child of Title IX. I rode that wave."

Leta Andrews, of John Wooden, who had planned to attend her induction: "He was a peach of a man."

Resident of Cairo, Georgia, Teresa Edwards' home town: "She kept coming back home."