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Sunday, June 20, 2010

From Pat Griffin: What Do USA Swimming and the Catholic Church Have In Common?
Answer: A big disgusting sex scandal, that’s what.


The abused swimmers who have come forward, their parents, and their lawyers believe that USA Swimming has failed to take seriously their responsibility to conduct thorough background checks on coaches affiliated with USA Swimming. This ABC 20/20 segment on this scandal includes an incredibly tone deaf interview with the executive director of USA Swimming, Chuck Wielgus, that illustrates the problem. Like the leaders of the Catholic Church, he doesn’t seem to understand the magnitude of the problem or want to take responsibility for his organization’s role in failing to protect young girls and women in USA Swimming sponsored programs from sexual predator coaches.
Let this be a reminder to anyone who is a coach -- of women OR men. If the organization you work with, be it a YMCA, summer league, PAL program, high school, university or professional league, doesn't have a clearly articulated, pro-active and trust-able policy in place, get one now.

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