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Sunday, June 20, 2010

From the West Coast and East Coast -- more stuff on Pop's day and basketball:

Jerry Brewer at the Seattle Times: As a coach and a dad, Storm's Brian Agler makes mark

Brian Agler, the coach, lives in solitude in a small Lower Queen Anne apartment and entertains himself by quietly analyzing video of basketball games.

Brian Agler, the dad, lives with his wife and two kids in Columbus, Ohio, and sits in the stands like any other helpless parent while his children — point guards, of course — play hoops.

Jeff Jacobs at the Hartford Courant: Sun's Renee Montgomery Thankful For Her Dad's Guiding Force

He would give her two basketballs and one order.

"My dad would make me dribble the two balls at once and he'd hit me, tap me," Sun guard Renee Montgomery says. "I was young and I was mad and I'm going, 'They'll call a foul every time!' He'd go, 'Sometimes they don't.' I'm like, 'Yeah, right.'

"When you're young, sometimes you don't know why your parents do things."

We know why Ron Montgomery did this drill back in West Virginia. We've seen his daughter dismantle full-court pressure, fast-break UConn to a national title. We've seen her 5-foot-7, 140-pound body get jostled by much bigger WNBA bodies — often without a whistle — and still her dribble remains unaffected.